Building Flutter Application For Charusat

Janvi Ajudiya
4 min readApr 21, 2021

The Charotar University of Science and Technology did not stop worrying about their students development in midst of COVID-19 pandemic as they provide chance to their students to make project as a part of curriculum. As a part of it, I am able to complete my project in this pandemic situation to add it extra to resume.

You have questions like what’s the use of this project? Where it is helpful? What it does? What is the purpose behind this project? So basically, this project is all about flutter application which we can use for my University Charusat as students over there has some problems and to solve that particular problem, this project is made.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK for building mobile apps from Google. It suits iOS and Android development, and it is also the only way to develop apps for Google Fuchsia so far. The first version of Flutter was called “Sky” and only worked for Android. It was presented in 2015 and announced to have rendering capability 120 frames per second. On December 4, 2018, during Flutter Live, the release of the first stable version 1.0 was announced.

Why this Project?

Students of Charotar University sometime faces some problems like to check Unit Test mark, student had to visit Charusat website and then can check marks by selecting some options. Past year papers are available in website and students have struggle to find that particular papers. Also, this information of technology available is also not there. So, to overcome these all problems, we have made this application with all features in this one application.

Look and Feel :

Website or else application is easily available for use in mobiles, tablets, laptops or any other devices like mega-screens or website in projectors. Like in mobiles, small screen is there and laptop has wider screen compared to mobile. So, screen adjustment should be there and this can be achieved via website or application easily. Also, font sizes and images also should be adjusted.

More devices, more users

Technology :

Front-end : Dart

Backend : Firebase

Tool :

Android Studio

SDK : Flutter

Content of application :

This application contains basically two modules :

(i) Student

(ii) Educator

Made by Janvi Ajudiya and Vandita Chapadia

First module student contains two options : Login and SignUp. If user already have Signed Up and has an account, then by clicking on Login option and after entering correct credentials, it will redirect to HomePage. If user doesnot have pre-existing account, then by clicking on SignUp, he/she can make an account for this application and after filling up proper details, it will make an account and will redirect user to HomePage.

HomePage consists of 4 options:

(i) Details of Technology available :

This will show us details of technologies and instruments available in University for students and how it is being used, how it is useful to students, to use that particular thing, whom to contact, where to approach, where it is being kept, contact details of technician, etc.

(ii) Past Year Papers :

This will show us past year University papers of particular subject and as well as Unit Test Papers. Students can also download that paper as it will be shown in pdf format, so that download become easier for students.

(iii) Unit Test Mark:

This will show student a excel sheet of particular subject containing Unit Test marks which is recently uploaded by faculty member/ educator. This will be in read format only so that no editing can be done.

(iv) Log out :

This will make session complete and after clicking this button, you can come out of the application and can log out from application.

Second module educator also contains two options : Login and SignUp. After phase of Login or SignUp, it will redirect user to HomePage. HomePage of educator consists of form which educator has to fill to enter the marks of students of particular semester, year, class, subject and Unit Test(i.e. UT-1, UT-2 or UT-3). After filling up that form, educator will redirect to excel sheet of entered details like suppose, if educator has entered 6th semester, 2021, UT-1, IT-1, WCMC, then it will redirect to excel sheet of UT-1, 6th semester, WCMC of IT-1 students and educator will enter marks and it will be later shown to students. Excel will be in editing format, so that faculty can edit student marks whenever they want.

Github link :