Data Science 👩‍💻 | Getting started with Neo4j and Gephi Tool

Neo4j Tool

Neo4j tool
Neo4j tool
Run this query you will find 2 nodes
relationship created just by a simple query
Table view of nodes & relations
MATCH (n) RETURN count(n)
//find labels in database
CALL db.labels()
// Find types of relationship between tables
CALL db.relationshipTypes()
// query for the movies released in 1990s..MATCH (nineties:Movie) WHERE nineties.released >= 1990 AND nineties.released < 2000 RETURN nineties.title
//query for list all tom hanks movieMATCH (tom:Person {name: "Tom Hanks"})-[:ACTED_IN]->(tomHanksMovies) RETURN tom,tomHanksMovies
query for this is,MATCH (cloudAtlas {title: "Cloud Atlas"})<-[:DIRECTED]-(directors) RETURN

Advantages of Neo4j databases

Gephi Tool

Gephi Tool

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