Data Science 👩‍💻 | Getting Started with Orange Tool

Orange Tool

What is Orange Tool?

  • Widgets: The various components present in Orange are known as widgets and they are divided into various categories like Data, Visualize, Model, Evaluate and so on.
  • Workflows: Orange workflows consist of components that read, process and visualize data. We call them “widgets.” We place the widgets on a canvas. Widgets communicate by sending information along with a communication channel. An output from one widget is used as input to another.

How to use workflows in Orange?

Orange Tool Data Structure file

How to do basic data exploration (like data distribution, data information).

Dataset Information
Data Table
Data distribution
Scatter plot

How to load your data in Orange and how to load external data from API in Orange?

Loading external data




2x AWS Certified

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Janvi Ajudiya

Janvi Ajudiya

2x AWS Certified

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