Online Banking System using Flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK for building mobile apps from Google. It suits iOS and Android development, and it is also the only way to develop apps for Google Fuchsia so far. The first version of Flutter was called “Sky” and only worked for Android. It was presented in 2015 and announced to have rendering capability 120 frames per second. On December 4, 2018, during Flutter Live, the release of the first stable version 1.0 was announced.

Look and Feel :

Website or else application is easily available for use in mobiles, tablets, laptops or any other devices like mega-screens or website in projectors. Like in mobiles, small screen is there and laptop has wider screen compared to mobile. So, screen adjustment should be there and this can be achieved via website or application easily. Also, font sizes and images also should be adjusted.

Technology :

Front-end : Dart

Tool :

Android Studio

Flow of the Project :

Content of application :

Whole application is designed by following sequence : start page, login page, sign up page, home page, app drawer. Whole idea will be cleared by following images.

Github link :



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