Water supply management system using C#

Janvi Ajudiya
4 min readJul 4, 2020


The Charotar University of Science and Technology did not stop worrying about their students development in midst of COVID-19 pandemic as they provide chance to their students to make company experience by providing internships into various companies. As a part of it, I am able to complete my internship successfully by doing some assigned tasks by company.

You have questions like what’s the use of this project? Where it is helpful? What it does? What is the purpose behind this project? So basically, this project is very helpful in maintaining business data of water supply system like their day-to-day sells, client details and collect data about client’s purchase order details. It also provides functional and non-functional details in flowchart.

It is very useful for business related work like as it describes how much water is available today, how much water is sold, how many jugs or cans are sold and when it is sold to whom. All these types of details are available. Client can order water poured in jugs or cans at any time by contacting company’s site or by owner’s contact number. All these types of details are available in website of company. Product also contains business analytical dashboard, client login page, owner login page along with signup pages for both and facility to order.

It includes two types of user:

(i) Admin(Entrepreneur of business/ owner of business)

(ii) Client

What is water supply management system?

It is system where distributors of water can know supply of water in a day, month or year. They can also find contact info of customers visited their shops.

By this, they can estimate throughout sells or expenditure they had spent as well as how much water is available or wasted.

All these details, they find in particular website or application designed for this supply management system.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -H. Auden

So, distributors by estimation, reduce water wastage along with to avoid loss in business.

Look and Feel :

Website or else application is easily available for use in mobiles, tablets, laptops or any other devices like mega-screens or website in projectors. Like in mobiles, small screen is there and laptop has wider screen compared to mobile. So, screen adjustment should be there and this can be achieved via website or application easily. Also, font sizes and images also should be adjusted.

More devices, more users

Like in website designing, front-end and backend both can be managed via single Javascript only along with animations and by using different tools. Users can be more attracted through eye-catching websites as drastic improvement in web environment has taken place.

Technology :

Front-end : C# , HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

Backend : MsSQL.

Tool Used:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2

Flow of project :

This product contains three modules:

  1. Order details

2. Owner side login

3. Client side login

Content of website :

Website of company who delivers and supply water throughout region can own this website. By using privileges of owner, he/she can get all contact info of customers as well as information about availability and wastage of water. By using client privileges, he/she can order water in poured in jugs or cans along with downloading bills for the same and can also see details, rates of water poured in different containers. Owner can also get info of remaining water by progress bar in dashboard.

1. Homepage : which contains information about business

2. Login option for owner as well as client on homepage :

3. Login/ sign up page for client : Users can sign in/ sign up from here and it has some validations also like you can not enter invalid mobile number/password.

4. order page from where client can order water :

5. Dashboard for owner :

Look of dashboard :

Want to see complete website?

Complete below video to get knowledge about how website looks like:

Git Hub Link :